ReDiscover Television

Better Family Entertainment

Are you looking for a Pureflix or a Netflix alternative?

ReDiscover Television is definitely the best place for Better Family Entertainment!


ReDiscover Television is Better Family Entertainment. For just pennies a day, your family can enjoy instant access to the freshest and most exclusive family and faith-friendly entertainment available. This service delivers an ever-growing library of over 3,000 quality dramas, family comedies, movies, animated features, children’s favorites, documentaries and more with new titles added every week!

ReDiscover Television is quickly growing with over 620,000 installed in one year! Families will also enjoy their favorite movies like Amazing Love, Ben-Hur and David and Goliath. 

Choose the subscription option that’s best for your family — The platform offers some FREE content and other content for only $5.99 per month or save and get 1 month free with an annual subscription for only $47.99 per year.

If you subscribe to ReDiscover Television via Roku, please contact your respective provider directly for technical or billing support. If you subscribe directly to ReDiscover Television, please email for support.

ReDiscover Television offers thousands of family and faith-friendly feature films of every genre, RDTV original series, animated stories, music and specials, documentaries and much more. New titles are added every week so there is always something new for you and your family on ReDiscover Television!

ReDiscover Television is available on your favorite devices and platforms including web, Chromcast and Roku. We will be releasing the IOS, Android and Smart TV apps soon. Start your free trial today, then download the ReDisover Television app to your favorite devices today and start enjoying Better Family Entertainment.

Please note – if you subscribe to ReDiscover Television through Roku, you will access the content using their websites and apps.

We hate to see you go 😔

Currently the only two ways we accept payment is through Roku or through here on the website either through PayPal or Stripe. So if you subscribed on the website you would login to your PayPal account to change your card information or cancel your subscription through them.

If you paid through Roku, you would have to cancel through them. They handle the money and subscription. Just go to the channel but don't click into it. Instead click the * key and then go to Manage Subscriptions. There you will be able to cancel.

We will be here for you when you want to enjoy Better Family Entertainment. Next year we will have so much more content, web and mobile apps and more!

ReDiscover Television donates a percentage of the proceeds to Mission Juarez Mexico. They are a non-profit organization that feeds, clothes, gives toys and shares the Gospel with impoverished children in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Many of the children are single-parented or orphaned due to the violence and poverty in the area. Did you know that Juarez was deemed the world's most dangerous city from 2006 through 2010.

To learn more about Mission Juarez Mexico you can visit their website