The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner

The Big Valley S01E05 - The arrival of an old friend of Victoria and Tom's causes trouble in the Valley, due to the man's claim on a plot of land which has been earmarked as the location of a new dam.

Young Marauders

The Big Valley S01E04 - A handsome stranger saves Audra's life during a horse stampede and she quickly becomes attached to him, unaware of his involvement in a series of robberies in the Valley.

Boots with My Father’s Name

The Big Valley S01E03 - The Barkleys prepare for the unveiling of a statue dedicated to family patriarch Tom, prompting Victoria to visit Heath's birthplace and learn about Tom's secret past.

Forty Rifles

The Big Valley S01E02 - As Heath settles into life in the Valley, his authority is questioned by the men employed to aid him in a huge cattle drive, which is further complicated by the arrival of a former general with plans of his own.

Palms of Glory

The Big Valley S01E01 - As the powerful Barkley family and surrounding Valley community face the prospect of losing their land to a ruthless railroad baron, a mysterious stranger arrives with life-changing news for the family.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season1 Episode 39: Richard Paine decides to steal money from his boss that he has owed him for months, and it turns into an unnecessary and ironic murder.

The Creeper

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1 Episode 38: A frightened housewife is alone in her apartment when she begins to suspect just about anyone could be the unknown killer who has been strangling women.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1 Episode 37: Gil Larkin is suspected of murder when Mona Cameron's allegedly abusive husband is shot dead in front of him and he gets knocked out by an unknown assailant.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1 Episode 36: Paula Hudson has a stolen mink coat she tells police she purchased on a recommendation, and when they retrace her steps to find out how she obtained it, everyone denies they ever talked to her…

The Legacy

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1 Episode 35: When a prince who is well known as a playboy takes a sudden romantic interest in a shy, plain housewife, everyone is baffled and fascinated.