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The leading transactional digital on demand platform for the Best in Family Entertainment, ReDiscover Television was the first and is the only digital platform offering Digital Purchase and Digital Rental. Christian Cinema curates and delivers films to the massive faith-consumer market. Christian Cinema does this through its exclusive network of Christian retail marketing partners and direct to consumer apps on the latest world-class hardware technology.

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In 2018, ChristianCinema became part of Giving Company, a non-profit faith and family media network of brands. A portion of every movie rented and movie purchased on Christian Cinema is also donated to Crisis Aid International to help the helpless through disaster relief from famine, disease, natural disaster, and sex trafficking.

Other companies connected to Giving Company include:, Giving Films, and This new partnership provides us access to an audience of millions. We also work with and all films licensed to ChristianCinema are available in digital format on their web site, via our exclusive digital integration.

Place Your Content on Christian Cinema
If you own and manage the distribution rights to a feature film, documentary, episodic program, or short film that you believe would be of interest to a Christian or family-friendly audience, please click the link below to complete the Content Supplier Application.

Release Windows Sorted by Revenue Per View

Content Selection Criteria
Format: Feature films, documentaries, episodics and short films.
Perspective: Faith-based content from a Christian worldview.
Reverence: We will not consider any content with profanities such as “F..K”, “GD” and/or the name “Jesus” / “Jesus Christ” taken in vain.
Referral: It is strongly recommended that content submitted for consideration be reviewed by a Christian review organization like MovieGuide,, or Focus on The Family’s Plugged-In, to name a few. We are also open to family-friendly content if it is reviewed and approved by such organizations.
Rating: Films rated by the MPAA must carry a rating of PG-13 or below. Unrated films are considered for placement based on criteria above.
Straightforward Deal Terms
Non-exclusive Transactional digital rights – TVOD and EST (Transactional Video on Demand and Electronic Sell Through).
Territory: Worldwide. Territorial rights can be selected on a title by title basis.
Three (3) year term.
Revenue: We pay Licensor fifty percent (50%) of Net Revenues generated from purchases of their Licensed Content.
Royalty payments are paid quarterly.
Pricing: TVOD and EST pricing is set by Supplier/Licensor.

Digital Locker

Sell Digital Combo Packs with Your DVD or Blu-ray™
With Digital Locker, consumers who purchase a DVD also receive a unique code found on a DVD case insert, which provides a digital copy of the program. This provides real added value to the consumer and offers the consumer multiple viewing options — DVD and digital, while future-proofing their home entertainment library. When the consumer purchases the DVD, they also have access to a digital copy of the program to watch anywhere at anytime. Users simply redeem the code found on the insert and watch on enabled devices: iOS, Apple TV, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire, Amazon Fire TV.

Embeddable Player
All content placed on the Christian Cinema platform receives access to our Embeddable Player, which allows films to be placed on any web site with a small bit of HTML code you can easily copy and paste. The embeddable player is mobile responsive and plays the trailer, offers purchase or rental options, and can also be used for code redemptions from events, promotions, or DVD / Digital combo packs. Sell directly to your website visitors and earn a higher royalty rate. Contact for details.

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