Manipulating America – The Chinese Communist Playbook

In this new in-depth report, we explore China’s “Grand External Propaganda” campaign against America and the rest of the free world and reveal the playbook it uses.

In Search of Noah’s Ark

An investigation into the theory that Mt. Ararat in Turkey is the final resting place of Noah's Ark.

The Great Culling: Our Water

The film investigates the theory that the addition of fluoride to our drinking water is not as beneficial to dental health as originally thought, and may in fact be one of the causes of a cornucopia of neurological diseases that have arisen…

Science Falsely So Called

Pastor Anderson preaches on some of the deceitful false teachings that are disguised as science.

Going Back To The Greek

Pastor Anderson’s “Going Back to the Greek” documentary completely debunks the idea that native Greek speakers in a country like Cyprus can’t understand the Textus Receptus, and it features some pretty cool soul winning footage to b…

Investigating The Historical Jesus (TV-G)

This thought provoking documentary follows the historical path of Jesus from birth to his crucifixion. Created by a culturally and religiously diverse cast and crew, this film looks to explore the real locations behind the stories. With a eye…

God of Wonders

Embark on a breathtaking tour of God's handiwork! In this fascinating documentary, you'll explore what the Lord's creation reveals about his power, wisdom, justice, and love. Combining exquisite nature footage and scientific insights with…

TV Specials

Halloween Trick or Treat

Documentary exploring the roots of halloween in relation to Christian faith.


Sea of Faith Documentary MiniSeries

A look at the history of Christianity and how it has responded to the scientific advances, political atheism and secularisation that are challenging many people's faith.

Gospel Films Archive

Gospel Films Archive is the inspiration of three venerable classic film industry professionals. Bob Campbell was co-creator and producer of the successful 1980s PBS series Matinee at the Bijou. Ron Hall is the founder and owner of Festival…